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Santa Baby...
forgot to mention one little thing - a ring
I don't mean on the phone...

I should be updating this soon and putting up a proper winterish layout. I've been on a temporary, unannounced hiatus.

Merry Christmas.
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Must resist urge to revert back to using MySpace. Using...force...dark

I'll have a real update soon.
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Kiddie Halloween

Haha - I am so incredibly bored...and lame. Welcome to mouse drawing 101.
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Social Life
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Social Life - 2005 Oct.
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No Title
The more I think about it I can't help but ask myself, "Why make text updates?" I don't have anything to say and my life is uneventful - unless you think that playing Halo is worthy of updating a blog for.

Day in and day out it's the same routine. I wake up around noon, I smoke, I play Halo2, go on the computer, eat, go to the liquor store and sleep. I don't have friends (here) and rarely leave the house. Not that I mind, considering the only friends I want are the ones I can't have. The only one that keeps making a quarterly appearance in my life is one who I really don't care to waste my time with. So far whenever I've seen her it's been out of circumstance. Well that's excluding last Halloween. I wanted to see if things could 'go back to the way they were' -- that was a mistake. Then there was Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day and my father's birthday. All were disappointing and unavoidable.

This entry is becoming vacuous. I don't even want to discuss it actually. It's the same long-winded, vacant shit I dribble out habitually because, I have nothing else to put down. It always turns into something from my past that no one wants to read about anymore. I bring it up so often I annoy myself.

I'm disgusted with the repetitious life I lead follow. My life is a giant mess I perpetuated with teenage stupidity.

Waa waa.
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カメラ x 1

2005 Oct.
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2005 Oct.

2005 Oct.
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Kepler's Books
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Kepler's Sign - 2005 Oct.

We're Back - 2005 Oct.
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Big Business Loses
My literary fortress of solitude, Kepler's, is re-opening after their decision to close in late August ^_^. I'd like to get down there tomorrow and take pictures of all the signs around the shop (i.e. 'Save Kepler's') before they're taken down. If I'm not working, I'd like to be there for the grand re-opening on Saturday.

Which speaking of that -- I spoke to Jack, again. He told me they're 'beefing up' next week or the week after and if he didn't call before Friday to call him. Apparently he didn't tell the manager anything about it.

As I always say -- more later.

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Dull Skin
Judging from the trip I made to House of Humor this past Friday, I may not have a job after all. I have to call Monday afternoon to speak with Jack. Apparently there's a problem with communication between owner and manager or I was flat out lied to. I'd go into it however, I don't feel like it. The CD is skipping and it's starting to get on my nerves.

I ran into Rayna yesterday while we were out at Fresh Choice for my father's birthday. Same story there as well. "Oh hey, yeah I've been meaning to call you. What's your number again?" I could hear the bullshit backing up in her throat. Despite that Amber, Brad and I are going to have to make a small detour on Halloween to her house. I believe John, her father, wants to make me a yearly installment in his Halloween display. Not only am I gifted with making parents and employers dislike me, but I have the uncanny ability to frighten women so badly, that they forget their children on the sidewalk. True story.

This year I'm not sure if I should use the mask again or get some fishing line and do something grotesque with all the holes in my face.

Money is always an issue for Halloween. As usual I knew I should have started planning and shopping in April. Oh well.
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