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Storm Clouds - 2005 Sep.It finally rained and not only that but thundered too! ^_^ I was getting tired of all the heat and sun.

I'm putting the puppies back up on craigslist, hopefully they'll all be placed because if they aren't they're going to the 'humane' society. :(

I'm still trying to get a damned Halloween layout put together. So far I have an image I definitely want to use and a theme...I'm just having a hard time putting it all together. >.<

There's also an interesting issue I have to figure out with the Meros. I can't seem to pick up items. Yesterday there was a candy corn in my park and I wanted it so, so fucking bad. Could I pick it up? No. I think it's because I have two Meros on one page. :/ I need to get that damn javascript where you can click a link and load a different Mero in the same spot. Bah!

I better go finish putting the puppies up. More later, maybe...

The house man came for my TAG FRIENDS! I have a haunted house now!! ^_^
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Dear Diary
Dear Diary - 2005 Sep.
di·a·ry (die-re)
n. pl. di·a·ries

1. A daily record, especially a personal record of events, experiences, and observations; a journal.

2. A book for use in keeping a personal record, as of experiences.
I'm half convinced no one keeps a written diary. The the digital-age paired with the adolescant need of approval and praise helped revolutionize the ever growing majority of the 'blogosphere'.

Most blogs start out in the traditional sense of a diary only to degenerate into a column-worthy commentary of sorts. Taking away the personal aspect of the entry. Which is what I'm doing right now.

At what point does this occur? I've found it generally happens when the blogger acquires more readers. If you look at blogs where the blogger has little to no readers, the entries exude raw, private emotions. Few bloggers with many readers keep true to the literal sense of the word 'diary'.

There is opportunity for truly creative and personal writing to take place if you express yourself as if no one is watching, waiting to hyper-analyze your thoughts.

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Pack Rat
R&R - 2005 Sep.I think I've died and gone to second-hand heaven. Out of the fifteen boxes and a hefty bag my boyfriend and his father brought back I kept about seven boxes worth of booty. It's amazing the kind of things wealthy people toss out. Vintage t-shirts, books, records, just tons of crap. The pathetic thing is hardly any of it looked used. I'll take a picture of some of the things I salvaged tomorrow.

I'd like to get some film and batteries for my father's Nikon Photomic so I can gain some experience with a 35mm. I haven't decided if I should start out with color or B&W film. I guess I'll go for whatever is cheaper though. I'd like to get a new digital camera but, I have a feeling I'll be disappointed with any point & shoot I buy. If I can't manual focus what's the point? In the meantime I'd like to find out if they sell an external, un-mounted flash for my Sony DCR-TRV730. If they do I'll be content with that for a little while.

EDIT: So far I've found nothing compatible with my camera mounted or un-mounted. Lame.

Josh bought Super Smash Brothers Melee today, haven't played it yet...still think we should have bought Death Jr. instead.

More later, I need to finish laundry and take a shower. Both of which I probably won't do, so let's just say I'm going to go vegetate in my own stink playing Lumines, Halo 2 or SSBM. ^_-

Insult of the Day:
"I bet you're so stupid you pissed on your boyfriend's iPod Shuffle thinking it was a pregnancy test."

Video of the Day:
Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith Freak Out
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Intestinal Distress
Nescience is the crux of flawed syllogism. People who deny logic and fail to listen to common knowledge intrigue me. I'd go further into it, but I really don't see the point.

I spent the afternoon in the bathroom following the shitty decision to have two microwavable burritos for 'breakfast'. For tomorrow I see rice cake lunches and saltine dinners on the horizon. Thankfully, I'll be evading the caviar dreams.

My Japanese 'studies' are coming along slowly since the audio quality on some of the tracks are poor. I've decided to start writing out the word as well. So far I can write out the Kanji(?) for 'sumimasen' which is 'excuse me'. Fun times.

Last night I watched A.I. for the first time. Good movie. Depressing to say the least. I'm now on a mission to read Supertoys Last All Summer Long and Other Stories of Future Time. Had I known it was based on a short story I wouldn't have watched the movie yet.

Right now I'm reading 1984 and The Portrait of Dorian Grey. I need to pick up Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? when I buy Supertoys.... I'd like to get Blinking With Fists, but spending $18 on a 96 page poetry book just doesn't sit right. (Sorry, Billy.)

Well, it's time to go to bed...
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Nicotine Overdose - 2005 Aug.Yesterday I managed to finish off an entire pack (plus some) in less than 24 hours. Between the headache and over-all sense of impending doom the porcelain god received quite a few fecal gifts. Most was induced by the smoking I'm sure, but I have a feeling the four servings of white tea helped things along.

This morning was no better and my day is pretty much summed up by the photo. Yes, that is a cigarette in my hand and I'm smoking as I'm typing this.

Moving away from my ridiculous habits, I forgot how much I enjoyed watching Daria. I'm now part of a generation who actually remembers when MTV played more videos than 'reality' TV.

Daria: "Do you think if you breathe on me I might catch your enthusiasm?"

Trent: "Do you ever feel like you're wasting your life?"
Daria: "Only when I'm awake."

Daria: "I'm obviously having some kind of nervous breakdown. I'll just ride it out and see where it takes me."
I 'need' a car. I want to drive somewhere, anywhere. Actually, I retract that statement. I want to drive somwhere that is devoid of intellectually bankrupt, carbon based life-forms posing as human beings.

Unfortunately this place obviously doesn't least within driving distance.
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