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Intestinal Distress
Nescience is the crux of flawed syllogism. People who deny logic and fail to listen to common knowledge intrigue me. I'd go further into it, but I really don't see the point.

I spent the afternoon in the bathroom following the shitty decision to have two microwavable burritos for 'breakfast'. For tomorrow I see rice cake lunches and saltine dinners on the horizon. Thankfully, I'll be evading the caviar dreams.

My Japanese 'studies' are coming along slowly since the audio quality on some of the tracks are poor. I've decided to start writing out the word as well. So far I can write out the Kanji(?) for 'sumimasen' which is 'excuse me'. Fun times.

Last night I watched A.I. for the first time. Good movie. Depressing to say the least. I'm now on a mission to read Supertoys Last All Summer Long and Other Stories of Future Time. Had I known it was based on a short story I wouldn't have watched the movie yet.

Right now I'm reading 1984 and The Portrait of Dorian Grey. I need to pick up Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? when I buy Supertoys.... I'd like to get Blinking With Fists, but spending $18 on a 96 page poetry book just doesn't sit right. (Sorry, Billy.)

Well, it's time to go to bed...
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I'm also astounded by the denial of logic as well as science. People cling to what they think is right, versus what is known to be right. Simply following faith and failing to see logic or using a book of fables written centuries ago as historical fact in place of science. The knowledge of why people do these things would only make me bitter.

I've never read 1984. I'm like the only person. You'd think that thousands of people on the internet saying how it's their favorite book might persuade me, but no. Because we all know they've read like 6 books required in high school and 1984 was one of them. Hahhh.

'The Portrait of Dorian Gray' and 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' are excellent though. If you like he second, check out the VALIS trilogy by Philip K. Dick. What a mindfuck.

And I still can't figure out what Meropar's use is. asdjkhasd.



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