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New layout. Fo' rizzle. ^_^

It still needs some tweaking here and there -- like the comment area and scrollbars. New profile image too. Pictures later, my mother is coming to take me out to get my father's birthday stuffs.
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Piddle Pops
New photo posts tomorrow, maybe even a text post. I promise, scout's honor. I've been busy making forum 'sigs' and no, I still haven't come up with a Halloween layout.
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All I want is a simple fucking layout...that's it. No more. No less. Just a simple fucking layout that flows. Can I have that? No. Why? I'm having some sort of retarded fucking Photoshop block and it's driving me insane. INSANE I tell you! adl;fjk;owier.ksjf!

In other, vastly less interesting, news I've discovered that I rubbed one of my teeth down to the nerve with my barbell. The one above it has a little indent. I now require new jewelry and a dentist. Yet another thing to take money away from saving for a new camera. I'll probably put off the dentist for a while since it doesn't bother me all that much, only when I put my barbell there or poke at it with my fingernail. Actually, I may just part with the damn thing now that I really think about it. What to do...what to do.

Other than that I have nothing else to write about so, I'm going to grab a popsicle and force myself to open up Photoshop again.
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Storm Clouds - 2005 Sep.It finally rained and not only that but thundered too! ^_^ I was getting tired of all the heat and sun.

I'm putting the puppies back up on craigslist, hopefully they'll all be placed because if they aren't they're going to the 'humane' society. :(

I'm still trying to get a damned Halloween layout put together. So far I have an image I definitely want to use and a theme...I'm just having a hard time putting it all together. >.<

There's also an interesting issue I have to figure out with the Meros. I can't seem to pick up items. Yesterday there was a candy corn in my park and I wanted it so, so fucking bad. Could I pick it up? No. I think it's because I have two Meros on one page. :/ I need to get that damn javascript where you can click a link and load a different Mero in the same spot. Bah!

I better go finish putting the puppies up. More later, maybe...

The house man came for my TAG FRIENDS! I have a haunted house now!! ^_^
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Harvest Moon
カメラ x 1

Harvest Moon - 2005 Sep.
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Dear God it's another text post! The horror of it all!

I haven't been in the mood to take pictures lately. I'm becoming more and more disgruntled with my lame camera, especially after seeing all the great shots Claw Dr. and gruesome are taking with their cameras. Damn not having a flash and damn it not being compact! >.< With this job I will save to buy a new camera if it means I have to sell a tar ridden lung.

Anyway, I've decided to do a picture request once a week. Tell me what you'd like to see me take a picture of and I'll try to do it.

Oh yeah...I thought ze Claw Dr. would like to see a bit of what she has in store for Halloween so, here it is GYRO's 3D Fear Factory. (Watch the full bit on the first page. ^_-) We can go to either Festival of Fear or Scream Fest, your pick. Although, if we go to Festival of Fear we can stop by the Castro for their Halloween party. There's also the Dia De Los Muertos parade on the 2nd of November. Other than that I'm still trying to hunt down places that I think you might like and can find easily for the first three days.
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I finally figured out how to get my LIVLY pet on my page!

ahaahahahhahahahhaha! @_@
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Somehow in the midst of pushing myself too hard to make a Halloween layout I somehow ended up making one for Christmas. At first I liked the direction it was going, but now I'm sort of undecided about it. Now that most of it is set up I think the background is a little too distracting. I'll have to work on it more tomorrow and hopefully I'll get an idea for a Halloween layout.

On to real life news; I've gone back to working at House of Humor. After I told Jack what had gone on at Old Navy and the aquarium shop he said, "Well why the hell didn't you come back sooner?" I had no answer for that.

I let Jack know about having friends coming down and he agreed for the first week of November. But as far as the last three days of October, in his words, "I can't have you screwing me over for those days." Unfortunately this means Amber & Brad will have to fend for themselves while I'm at work.

If I had a 'Get out of Hell Free' pass I'd use it for those three days, especially on Halloween. I hate all the fucking last minute, indecisive, whiney shoppers and their kids...oh God the kids. >.< "Can I see that one? Ok now that one...ok that one...can I see the other one again?" Then their parents come along and it ends up they were just there to pick up one last item for this little brats costume which did not include the fifty billion masks I busted my ass to get for this kid. (You can substitute kid with woman and masks with wigs.)

Then you have the assholes who think that just because you work there you're some kind of God damned costume guru and you have the perfect costume selection just for them. You know what? I have enough trouble planning my own fucking costumes year in and year out at the last fucking minute. Do us 'gurus' a favor and be independant for once in your life. We know all of you little people who know nothing about Halloween or costumes look up to us every year as your Halloween Gods, but we have our own problems which are more important than yours; like what wig we should get or what costume looks fabulously homosexual on us.

Well, I'm going to bed and I should probably change my message since Jack is going to call sometime this week and I don't think it'd be wise for him to hear Howard Stern's voice saying, "What're you calling me for? You're not that much of a loser are you? -BEEP-"

Goodnight. (Unless you're Japanese then it would be 'oyasuminasai')

While I was going to look for brushes at deviantART I got that magical little pop-up that gives you a free, one-week account. The only good thing I see about having a paid account there is I can search. Too bad I didn't get the free week until after I lost interest in supporting the site.
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98% of Nazis Agree
Hageln die Wassermelone!...that Hitler loves watermelons.

This is the best animated .gif in existence. I dare someone to find one more amusing. After I post this entry you can guarantee, even though I've seen it countless times, I will stare at it for at least a good 60 seconds. If I were the mastermind behind this .gif I would be content with never making another one again.

I prematurely hit the 'Post' button so I'll continue.

I had been 'in-the-dark' on the latest PSP happenings because most of my time has been consumed by politics, news, conspiracy theories and this blog but, all is not lost. I have a feeling I am going to become addicted to PodPSPcasts and

I was going to write more but, I've become sidetracked over at PSPdrive where there is/was a debate going on about Kayne West's MP3 'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People'.

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カメラ x 1

Black Mission Fig - 2005 Sep.
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